* All financial information will be kept strictly confidential. This program will only disclose the revenue growth rate of all candidates.
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Basic information of the company

Full name of company (in Chinese)
Brand name (in Chinese)
Abbreviation of company (in Chinese)
Full name of company (in English)
Headquarter address
Company's main phone number
Official website
Date and year of establishment
Is it a listed company? Yes No
Industry of Company(Please refer to the industry classification and definition list)


  • New retail
  • Others
  • Logistics service
  • Intelligent manufacturing
  • Finance
  • Internet
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Communication technology
  • New media
  • Life sciences
  • Clean technology
  • New retail
  • Others
  • Logistics service
  • Other high-tech Manufacturing
  • Internet of things manufacturing
  • Intelligent manufacturing
  • AI equipment manufacturing
  • Intelligent driving
  • Internet finance
  • Financial technology
  • Car networking
  • Sharing economy
  • Online medical care
  • Online education
  • Platform service
  • E-Commerce
  • Artificial intelligence chip
  • Semiconductor
  • Intelligent hardware
  • Virtual reality Tech
  • Block chain
  • Software Commercial deployment and application
  • Big data
  • Cloud computing
  • Development of games
  • AI Tech
  • 5G
  • Communication technology
  • News media/ We media
  • Electronic sports
  • Network broadcast
  • Pan-entertainment
  • Biotech
  • Pharmacy
  • Medical facility and service
  • Medical treatment
  • Renewables
  • Green technology
Brief introduction of enterprises, Creative technology/ Statement of business model

Basic information of operating revenue

*Total operating revenue in FY 2018 (RMB)
Total operating revenue in FY 2017 (RMB)
Total operating revenue in FY 2016 (RMB)

1 Operating revenue should not include interest income, terminated business income and other income. However, subsidies, royalties, licensing fees and business charges may be included.
2 The information in this section should be consistent with the audit report you submit.
3 Operating revenue in 2016 should not be less than 1M RMB or 1.2M HKD.
4 If you are located in Hong Kong,the unit is HKD$.

Basic information of official persons-in-charge

Information of CEO / Director / General Manager
Full Name
E-mail Address

Information of application contact
Full Name
E-mail Address

Information of CFO
Full Name
E-mail Address

I agree and acknowledge the confidentiality agreement.

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